MS Walks

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society sponsors an annual Walk to raise funds to end the devastating effects of MS. The Walking With Faith Team members, a group of more than 100 volunteers and walkers, participate in the Walk at various locations throughout Michigan.

Kids FUN-RAISE for Multiple Sclerosis, Inc.

Organized by the Harris children and others, these children wanted to reach outside of themselves to help someone else. Their fundraising events have included Kids Roller Skate for MS, Kids Bowl for MS and Kids Jump Rope for MS.

Benefit Concert

In order to raise additional funds for MS research, Walking With Faith, Inc. presents a benefit concert featuring well known artists at selected venues.

Benefit Dinner

After participating in the annual MS walk, Walking With Faith was formed. Walking With Faith walkers and volunteers had a desire to create a local fund-raising arm for the Society. An annual benefit dinner was hosted. “Mom” and “Pop” Winans were the inaugural special musical guest and keynote speaker respectively.

Educational Seminars

Seminars are held to bring awareness and provide information about this chronic disease to identified audience. Guest speakers include local professionals with a wealth of knowledge on various topics relating to MS.

Women’s Benefit Luncheon

Seventy-eight percent of people with MS are women. Walking With Faith, Inc. hosts an annual Women’s Benefit Luncheon to bring awareness to this fact. Detroit Free Press Columnist, Rochelle Riley was the inaugural keynote speaker and News Anchor, Carolyn Clifford was the Mistress of Ceremony.

Other Events

Our other events have included a Health Conference, Donuts for Dollars (Krispy Kreme), Celebrity Sporting Events, and a host of other exciting fundraising events.