Believing in the value of increasing awareness, Walking With Faith, Inc. is committed to providing information and raising funds towards ending the devastating effects of Multiple Sclerosis.


Walking With Faith, Inc. will continue to increase the awareness about, provide information on, and raise funds for research on, Multiple Sclerosis. Through event planning, individual giving programs, and grants, Walking With Faith, Inc. will become an important funder of research. The activities will be widely reported in articles, books, and professional publications.

We see ourselves as an organization that through diversity, innovation, size, volunteer involvement, teamwork, flexibility, excellence, and commitment will be the biggest, most effective faith – based organization raising funds for a specific disease. Our faith base will allow us to provide Christ – centered support and information to patients and families, and will give us the commitment to doing our part to raise funds and awareness towards ending the devastating effects of this chronic, debilitating disease.