Volunteer Opportunities:

Volunteers are the lifeline of the non-profit sector. Volunteers are the lifeline of Walking With Faith, Inc.  One survey suggests that over 100 million people performed some sort of volunteer work in the United States during 1999. That number continues to grow!  I would like you to join our team and volunteer with Walking With Faith, Inc.

Walking With Faith, Inc. is a team of volunteers who walk annually in the MS Walks.  The annual walk is our humble beginnings. We also raise awareness and funds towards ending the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis through:

Educational seminars
A quarterly newsletter
Fund raising events

We are fortunate to have a "volunteer" board of directors who are professionals with a wealth of knowledge.

Walking With Faith, Inc. sponsors Kids FUN-RAISE for Multiple Sclerosis, Inc., which has fund raisers including:

Kids Bowl for MS
Kids Roller Skate for MS
Kids Jump Rope for MS

All kids are welcome to join Kids FUN-RAISE as they reach outside themselves and help others.
Contact Us if you know any kids who would like to take part.

For a complete list of volunteer opportunities and to volunteer, click here to complete the volunteer intake form.

We would love to answer any questions you might have.  Please do not hesitate to contact Alecia.  I hope you will join our team!

Events and Fund-raisers

MS Walks Educational Seminars
Kids FUN-RAISE for Multiple Sclerosis, Inc. Never Alone, Inc.
I Am Here, Inc. Benefit Golf Outing
Benefit Concert Benefit Luncheon
Benefit Dinner    

If you would like to volunteer for a fundraiser or event; sponsor an event or fundraiser, please let us know on our Volunteer Form.  Thank you.

MS Walks

The National Multiple Sclerosis Society sponsors an annual Walk to raise funds to end the devastating effects of MS.  The Walking With Faith Team members, a group of more than 100 volunteers and walkers, participate in the Walk at various locations throughout Michigan. All proceeds go to the Michigan Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Educational Seminars

Seminars are held to bring awareness and provide information about this chronic disease to identified audiences. Guest speakers include local professionals with a wealth of knowledge on various topics relating to MS.


Kids FUN-RAISE for Multiple Sclerosis, Inc.

Organized by the Harris children and others, these children wanted to reach outside of themselves to help someone else. Their fundraising events include Kids Roller Skate for MS, Kids Bowl for MS and Kids Jump Rope for MS.

Never Alone, Inc.

In the life of a woman with multiple sclerosis, there will be major transitions. Supporting one another is what we do. This is a support group for Christian women with multiple sclerosis.

I Am Here, Inc.

Men are affected too when they have a loved one who suffers from this disease.  This is a support group for Christian men who have loved ones with MS.

Benefit Golf Outing

A golf outing will be held bi-annually for golf enthusiasts and other supporters.  The outings, sponsored by local organizations, will feature celebrities. A portion of the proceeds will go to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Michigan Chapter for research. 

Benefit Concert

In order to raise additional funds for MS research, Walking With Faith, Inc. presents a bi-annual benefit concert featuring well known artists at selected venues.

Benefit Luncheon

Walking With Faith, Inc., hosts a bi-annual Benefit Luncheon to heighten awareness of this disease.  Detroit Free Press Columnist, Rochelle Riley was the inaugural keynote speaker and Carolyn Clifford, Channel 7 News Anchor and “Health Team” Reporter was the Mistress of Ceremonies.

Benefit Dinner

Walking With Faith walkers and volunteers had a desire to create a local fund-raising arm to further support research being done by the MS Society.  A benefit dinner was created. “Mom” and “Pop” Winans, matriarch and patriarch of gospel music’s first family, was the inaugural special musical guest and keynote speaker respectively. The dinner has become a bi-annual event.

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